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VVKVM and SBNC: Nutritionmanagement of dysphagia 20th April 2024

09:15 Welcome


09:25 GLIM Criteria and integration with dysphagia screening

Pr Van Gossum A. – ULB Erasme - Belgium

10:10 IDDSI levels: the science of how and why they work?

Dr Vanderwegen J. – IDDSI Board of Directors – Belgium


10:55 Break and exhibition


11:25 How special textures could be made?

Mr Sels M. – UZA - Belgium

12:10 Treatment of dysphagia disorders: logopedic techniques

Pr Van Nuffelen G. - UZA - Belgium

12:55 Clinical Cases and discussion

Pr A.Lagier and Dr Zicot A.F. – ULg - Belgium


13:30 Conclusion and Closure

Location : KBR- Royal Library of Belgium

Venue: (Salle)Concert(zaal) KBR - Mont des Arts 28 1000 Brussels

The talks will be given in English.

Open to all caregivers involved in nutrition management.

Accreditation credits will be available.

Fees : 10 € for members, 35 € for non-members and 5 euros for the students.


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