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Early Career Faculty Espen

The European Society for Clinical Nutrition and Metabolism (ESPEN) is pleased to announce a new call for application for the position of Early Career Faculty.

Eligibility for applicants

1. Must be within 10 years after obtaining PhD/MD/Other higher degree and below the age of 40

2. Must be a member of ESPEN (with subscription being current)

3. Must have clinical and or research experience in Clinical or Experimental Nutrition, Metabolism, or related areas

4. The applicants could be clinicians, translational or basic scientists, or nutrition related health care professionals (e.g. nurses, dietitians, pharmacists, etc.)

5. The applicants should provide evidence of support from the Clinical Nutrition/PEN Society in their country of work. No more than four positions will be awarded to each member country

6. Appointments will be for two years and renewable for one more term, subject to performance and in accordance to the rules

7. Applications for 2022 must be submitted on the prescribed form by 31st March 2022 to Professor Nathalie Delzenne as chair of the Scientific committee ( with the subject line “ESPEN Early Career Faculty 2022”

8. Results will be announced in May 2022

Expectations of ESPEN from Early Career Faculty

1. To attend ESPEN Congresses regularly

2.To actively participate to ESPEN scientific activities with suggestions of initiatives (webinars…)

3. To review at least 5 articles per year for Clinical Nutrition, Clinical Nutrition ESPEN or Clinical Nutrition online and to act as an associate editor for Clinical Nutrition ESPEN if invited

4. To review and score abstracts submitted to the annual ESPEN Congress

5. To participate in the writing of ESPEN Guidelines if invited

6. To moderate sessions (oral and poster) at the annual ESPEN Congress if invited

7. To develop, update and participate in LLL Modules if invited

8. To engage within the Early Career Faculty group

Advantages for Early Career Faculty

1. Will be part of a very vibrant society, given the opportunity to participate in scientific, educational and research activities and network with peers

2. Opportunity to progress to ESPEN Faculty positions

3. Opportunity of seeing and commenting on scientific papers before they are published

4. Opportunity to progress to the Editorial Boards of Clinical Nutrition, Clinical Nutrition ESPEN and Clinical Nutrition online

5. Get free registration to the annual congress upon active participation (abstract submission, invitation as chair…)


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