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07/02/2020 : BASO Academy and BASO-BeSOMS joint sessions

Friday 07/02/2020

08.30h- 12.00h: Joint session BASO-BeSOMS

Obesity and Metabolic surgery for adolescents.

Koen Vandenheede (KCE)

Liver and bariatric surgery

Prof. Philippe Mathurin (Lille)

New pharmaceutical therapy for obesity: competition for surgery ?

Prof. Carel Le Roux (UK)

Coffee break

Pregnancy after obesity surgery.

Prof. Roland Devlieger

Obesity surgery in elderly patient.

Dr. Bruno. Dillemans

Non-surgical complications after obesity surgery.

Dr Eveline Dirinck


13.30-17.30h: BASO Academy for GP’s

13.30-13.40: New BASO guidelines

Prof. Bart Van der Schueren

THE NEED for MULTIDISCIPLINARITY through a clinical case.

13.40-13.50 : What can the dietitian do ? Marie Barea/dr. An Verrijken

13.50-14.00 : What can the psychologist do ? Barbara Lembo

14.00-14.10 : What can the physiotherapist do ? Prof. Dirk Vissers

14.10-14.20 : When to use pharmacological agents ? Prof. Jean Paul Thissen

14.20-14.30 : What can the surgeon do ? Prof. Matthias Lannoo

14.30-14.40 : What can the pediatrician do ? Prof. Inge Gies

14.45-15.30 : Coffee break

15.30-17.00 Joint session BASO-BeSOMS

15.30-16.00: Diabetes and metabolic surgery for BMI 30-35 Prof. Carel Le Roux, UCD

16.00-16.30: Obesity from a health economic point of view Prof. Lieven Annemans, UGent

16.30-17.00: Obesity surgery and cancer Dr. Charles Honoré, IGR

17.00-17.15 : questions

17.15-17.30 : CLOSING SPEECH

17.30-17.45 BASO BEST POSTER PRIZE and BASO General Assembly

Meer info en inschrijven kan HIER.


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